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In August 2018, after being a key player in a successful acquisition of a tiny start-up to a big company, I felt lost. My partner and I toyed around with what to do: continue working at the start-up-turned-slow-moving-corporate-show or throw ourselves into something new.

And throw ourselves into something new is exactly what we did; we jumped into an RV along with all the worldly possessions we could fit. By November, we were living in a van down by the river with our dog.

I knew I loved big cities. Always have, always will. And I love the serenity that comes with knowing your neighbors are a mile away in country life. What I did not know is that I would fall in love with all the tiny towns in between - all those places you fly over when you’re going to a big city. All those places that you miss unless you deliberately drive by them. I fell in love with Americana and the small-town life, and now? Now I share my travels with you, often reflecting on how my personal life has shaped how I perceive my travels.

Road trips: they sure show you a different reality of life than you’re used to. And if you want that little snippet to escape to a different place for a couple of minutes, then buckle up. We’re going places. I can’t wait to take you on my travels.

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